GUIDELINES FOR POSTING in Local - National - International Organizations

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Overland Bound intends to be a leading and instrumental force in helping members and public better understand land issues and where and how they can be involved in local, national, and international organizations and efforts that promote low-impact land use and responsible recreation.

This section of Land Use - Leave It Better Than You Found It is for posting links to those organizations, efforts and opportunities that actively work towards that end.
  • Start a new thread for each organization or effort so it is more visible. Replies to this Guideline will not be seen as much.
  • All posts must include the country, region (state or town, etc) and entity name in the title to make it easy to scan the threads. For example: "[US, National] Tread Lightly!" or [US, NM] New Mexico Off Highway Vehicle Alliance NMOHVA. Then in the body of the post a link to their main page when possible, or to their About page. A brief description would be great.
  • No political discussions, please, just facts on the organization, workshop, or effort.
As members of Overland Bound it is important that we are not only involved in responsible trail activities and organizations, but that we lead by example for both new members and public.

Please post accordingly.

If you have questions as to info or organization being appropriate for this section, or if I can help in any other way, please send me a private message. Click my name, then Start A Conversation.

Thank you for helping Overland Bound be a leader in promoting low-impact land use and responsible recreation.

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