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  1. Rockwilder

    Navigation - Pro's and Con's of the different systems/Apps

    Hi everybody, In almost every tread here, people talk about navigation and especially wich navigation app they use. Currently I'am searching for the best way to organise my navigation, on- and off-road. I thought it would be a good idea to open a special tread just for that topic. It would be...
  2. J

    What maps and GPS for the Trans America Trail?

    Hey all, new member here on the forum and I'm looking to see who's done the TAT in their rig. I'm wondering what GPS gear you guys would recommend and where to get/download the maps. I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini w/ Cellular and GPS. I would obviously download the maps for offline mode...
  3. Raul B

    Overland F150 GPS Hardware Review

    When I think of Overlanding I essentially think of being "off the grid" with generally very little to no cell phone reception. I have tried several different ways to accomplish being able to have our digital maps handy for our trips. I first started off with an android tablet with built in GPS...