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  1. El-Dracho

    EU Mid Europe MidEurope/ Germany New Year's Meetup

    @Valentin Schneider and I talked about the idea the other day when we met, to do a little meetup. Because there are some members from the area around Rhine-Main, Rhine Hesse, South Hesse and Middle Rhine Valley. View Rally Point
  2. El-Dracho

    MidEurope (Germany): an information about the use of radio in rigs (so called microphone ban)

    An information, which is especially interesting for all members here based in Germany or those who travel Germany. With the amendment of the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) in 2017, the so-called "cell phone ban" while driving was introduced. As part of the revision of §23 of the Road...
  3. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Little tour and Meet and Greet.

    OB Representive Toon Geocampers #4771 and myself are going for some days to the north of Germany. If Covid-19 allows. We like to do a meet and greet and maybe if people like to join us on a little trip, the can PM us. View Rally Point
  4. Polaris Overland

    Cancelled Mountain Madness

    Following on from Abenteuer & Allrad a tour to visit the infamous Eiger and the Matterhorn.
  5. Robert OB 33/48

    EU Mid Europe Back to the Luneburger Heide

    After the nice trip we did with the Jeep Experience club, we like to go back and have our own drive again there. Just with max six Rigs and doing camping.
  6. Fyris

    New to board - soon to be member from SW Germany || Tim with Jeep Commander

    Hey community just taking this as a starter to quickly introduce myself My name is Tim and I'm an outdoor loving Jeep driver. I'm living in the SW of Germany at Lake Constance and close to Black-Forest. I'm an engineer working at automotive manufacturer HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Touring and...
  7. Laughing Otter

    Overlanders from Germany on the Olympic Peninsula

    So I heard a rumor that a group of overlanders were in town from Germany and currently were touring the Olympic Peninsula. We (my family) decided to drive to Rialto beach today and enjoy the holiday and remember the fallen soldiers that fought for this land we enjoy. While the...