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  1. MazeVX

    Garmin Overlander experiences in Europe

    Hello guys! As the title says, I'm searching for real experiences with the Garmin overlander specifically in Europe. Navigation quality, ease of use, data accuracy and so on. I don't want to discuss the thing itself or possible other ways to navigate as this has been done before. Best...
  2. fledwell

    SOLD *SOLD* Garmin Overland GPS $500

    This unit has been used only a handful of times and is in brand-new condition with the original box, manual, mount, etc. Asking $500 plus actual shipping anywhere in the CONUS. PM if interested.
  3. Hobie01

    Update your old (or new) Garmin GPS devices for free!

    Hey OB, Apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere. As i realize the limitations of my iphone gps (i love gaia but its offline maps are HUGE) i became interested in a dedicated gps unit. i see all these overland specific and trail ready devices like the Garmin overlander and the Magellan...
  4. Connor_Dobbins

    Best Budget/Used Nav System for Beginner

    I am fairly new to the whole Overlanding scene and was just using my phone's navigation with Google Maps a couple of weekends ago not expecting to lose connection as I was just in a slightly rural area of southern Wisconsin and I usually get good reception around there. But I lost connection and...
  5. Chadlyb

    New Garmin Overlander....What are your thoughts

    The new Garmin Overlander is set to release soon. What are your thoughts on this new tech gadget.
  6. ovrlndr

    OB Approved Personal Satellite Communicators

    Everyone participating in outdoor recreation of any kind in remote areas, especially those where cell reception is spotty or non-existent, contact with other people is infrequent, and the elements and/or terrain can lead to accidents, injury, or death should consider some type of personal...
  7. DaveFromAustria

    Offroad Navigation in Europe

    Hi guys and gals! I live in Austria/Europe and am looking for a good offroad navigation setting for a Jeep Wrangler JK. I like the look of the GARMIN GPSMAP 276Cx. But then I also saw some guys useing an Ipad mini with some app or another as main navigation tool. What are your thought...
  8. Rexplorer

    OB Approved Loading custom maps onto your Garmin device

    There are so many good digital maps that I find and often wish “I wish I could put that map on my Garmin”. Well, you can. Here is how. Step 1. Open Google Earth. Zoom into the area you know the map covers. Step 2. Hit the “Add Image Overlay” button. It will open a window in Google...
  9. Kevigizmo

    Garmin Satnav to Garmin Handheld GPS

    Calling all Garmin Users! Any ideas which models of Vehicle SatNav's would support maps from a handheld variant e.g I own a GPSMAP 64s and looking to share maps between that and a Vehicle unit Wonder what input you guys have as I'll need a SatNav which I can share maps with using BaseCamp...
  10. J Tosh Reed

    Garmin inReach Explorer+

    Anybody tried one of these out? I still want to get a CB, but none of my friends have a CB, and when we are way out there, we live in such a heavy rainforest area, that I've read the CB's wont have much range. These Garmins though as long as I can get to a place I can send a signal, I can...
  11. Rexplorer

    Garmin birds eye

    Anyone try this? Whats it like in your area? My free subscription i got with a new garmin gps is almost up and i probably wont renew it. Lots of cloud cover in some key areas and winter shots too. Makes summer navigation hard. Are there other options gor offline arieal imagery on a garmin unit...