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  1. fledwell

    FREE Gaia GPS Premium Membership with OutdoorX4 Magazine Subscription

    Looking for inspiration to get out and explore the road less traveled? OutdoorX4 Magazine has partnered with Gaia GPS to offer a 3-month Premium Membership when you subscribe to OutdoorX4! OutdoorX4 Magazine has been a proud sponsor of Overland Bound, and is a premier archival quality print and...
  2. Overland_The_East

    US East New Hampshire Class VI Roads and Trails

    Hi All, If you are like me and live in the often congested areas of the northeast, or more specifically New England Region of the US, you may find it difficult to find places to overland, wheel, or camp. If you live in or close enough to NH you may already know about or have heard of Class VI...
  3. BlueLineOverland

    Blue Line Overland Fundraiser Event

    Blue Line Overland is proud to team up with some of the biggest names in the overlanding world, including Overland Bound, GAIA GPS, L.T. Wright Knives, CVT, Tepui, Go Treads, Power Tank and many more to help raise money for Shop with A Cop 2019. Last year we were able to save Christmas for 11...
  4. Arepas

    Gaia layers, overlanding and knowing where is OK to camp

    Friends, I am planning a trip in a couple of days I was wondering which layers do you use to ensure you are camping in a permitted area. Found the Public Lands overlay but unsure based on this where it is OK from me to crash for the night: I am guessing that it is OK to do so in Red and...
  5. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Gaia GPS Training and Review - 02/20/2019

    This is a combined meeting with All Terrain Family and Reno Overlanding. Mike from All Terrain Family will host and conduct the training. View Rally Point Details
  6. TalonTheToyota

    Ideas Trip from Dallas TX To Richmond VA

    The wife and I are doing our first long overland adventure to see family in VA. Will be passing through TN and the Smokey Mt areas for sure. Any ideas on great places to camp via RTT, especially with a terrific view along that area or along the general route traveling NE please let me know...
  7. Lifestyle Overland

    Gaia GPS Basics Tutorial

    Hey folks, a few weeks back we made this basic tutorial for the Gaia GPS app. This is enough step-by-step info to get you started on routing planning and map downloading for your next adventure. Let us know if you have any questions. We are working on the next in the series which will dive...