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  1. Alpha Out Front

    2019 Ram 2500 Diesel Build

    Ok, so first let me just start off by saying sorry. I ordered the truck back in May I it will not be delivered till October 4th, so the build updates will be VERY slow for now. However, I do have some eye candy for you all. So the plan is to start build as soon as I get the truck home and...
  2. Natchez

    IKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent

    SkyCamp by Ikamper This is sort of a hybrid rooftop tent. With a clamshell style hard shell top with a folding extension. Unfortunately, racks cannot be attached to the shell like some james baroud and Alu-cabs tents. Footprint inside is the size of a king size bed so there's plenty of room...
  3. Natchez

    Lurking for a while, its time to finally post.

    I have been bouncing from forum to forum, page to page, app to app for the last couple months gathering ideas, and inspiration. I recently purchased a new to me 2016 Silverado, Crew Cab. 4wd. Loved the thought of a land cruiser or 4runner but I really needed a pickup. Maybe one of those will...