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  1. Roam_CO85

    20 inch wheels pros and cons?

    So on my half ton Ram it came with factory 20in wheels. I know there are a pile of cons to them on an off road rig. But does anyone air them down? I havent. I am going to 17 inch wheels after the first of the year. That short side wall isnt very fun
  2. Mister Pipps

    New Into Overlanding From Austin, TX

    Hello, I grew up doing the typical summer family camping trip to national parks and the like as well as fall hunting/camping trips with my dad. I've always had a fascination with gearing up vehicles and going on adventures, but I've never had the chance to outfit my own vehicle until now...
  3. crit_pw

    Off-road traction bar?

    My rig tends to see some pretty rough trails and with my long wheelbase I am susceptible to damage because of my length. I am installing full length sliders to protect the rockers however on a recent trip I managed to choose my "line" a little incorrectly and polished a spot on my driveshaft...
  4. crit_pw

    Roof racks for full size trucks?

    I have scoured the threads and done a lot of looking online but am not seeing much in the way of a model specific roof rack for the RAM trucks. Mine is a 2016 Power Wagon with the crew cab. Is anyone running a model specific roof rack on their 4th gen RAM? If so who is it made by. Any other full...