frontrunner slimline ii

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  1. B

    Frontrunner slimline 2 with 23zero peregrine 180 awning

    Apologies in advance if this had been asked ad nauseam. Does anybody have a similar setup? I have a frontrunner slimline 2 rack and would like to purchase a bracket to work with the rack. Was wondering if this would work Bat Wing/Manta Wing Awning Brackets - by Front Runner for the 23zero 180...
  2. bigfootoverland

    Light Bar Mount on Frontrunner Slimline II???

    Anyone out there have suggestion of what they are using to mount LED light bar that is not the one on their site that you drill holes in the rack? We have a 42" light bar ordered. The Slimline II has a flat front not a rounded bar. Thanks, BFO