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  1. Z

    New Guy in Colorado

    Hey all, Myself, wife and kids have been camping pretty consistently for about the last 5 years. As the kids got older, we have been camping more often and further away. After spending much of quarantine watching various Overlanding videos (and not needing to commute as much), I've decided to...
  2. gloomxdoom

    ‘11 Frontier pro4x project blackout

    So I’m starting with a stock 2011 Nissan Frontier crewcab pro4x with luxury package in super black,1 owner..... So far I have only added accessories that I have owned or got of of FB marketplace for cheeeep! On the stock roof rack I Mounted a Yakima loadwarrior basket with extension I got off...
  3. beerdidtrev

    new guy - Sonoma Co, California

    Hi I've been lurking for a while, looking for inspiration to build my first overland camper. planning to weld the frame from scratch 5x8' so I want to get it right the first time around. I drive an 07 Nissan Frontier that I lifted with new shocks, wheels and tires last year.
  4. bawesomfels

    Frontier and Navara Peeps

    I've seen the "4runner owners registry" and "Jeep owners represent" threads, Subis have one too, I think! So far Frontiers seem to be far and few between. No luck finding a similar thread with the search (please correct me if there is one) so I thought we could have our little corner of OB too...
  5. TeamHarrington

    2011 Xterra Pro-4x

    This is a general thread for any Xterra owners out there that have questions or want ideas for an overland or offroad build. I will share what I have done, but feel free to to ask about things I have not done, as one of my biggest pastimes is dreaming up and researching things I can do to the X...
  6. Adventure Bully Rig

    My Dogs' Transportation & Adventure Thread

    Let's start talking about the REVISED "Adventure Bully Rig" now. -2012 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 (Nickname is "Greg") -Stock Suspension -Stock Size Tires (A/T) -Nothing aftermarket but the battery (Optima Red) Now for the future additions/modifications: -Roof top tent (Probably...
  7. Remington_PRO4X

    Snowboard Mount for Stock Roof Rack

    Hey Y'all I have been digging pretty hard to try to find a snowboard mount that will fit on my stock Frontier roof rack. Looked at a Thule and Yakima and their snowboard mounts seem pretty specific. The Frontier's rack isn't the most usable and it would be nice to toss the boards up there to...
  8. Remington_PRO4X

    Nissan Frontier Roof Rack LED Light Bar

    I am hopping to add a LED lightbar on the roof of my truck. I do have the stock roof rack. The issue is I cannot seem to find a proper set of mounts for the bar. I really am trying to avoid having some fabricated, but am having a tough time finding a different option. The top image is from a...
  9. Remington_PRO4X

    Nissan Frontier PRO-4x Build

    Hey all! I am in the process of building my daily into a proper overlander. It will be slow going, but hopefully can make some serious progress over this winter. My most recent addition is the bull bar and the offroad light. I ran out of time last night, but planning on getting it all...
  10. Remington_PRO4X

    New to Overlanding - Nissn Frontier Advise

    Hey All! I am pretty new to overlanding as most of my back woods experience has been on foot. I've had my Frontier Pro-4X for a couple years now and am wanting to start getting out there and really enjoying the truck. I have done some minor upgrades (guards/cosmetic/off road lights). I...
  11. LouieDoritos

    New Member From NY

    Hello overland bound crew, names Lou i am from Long Island,Ny, i drive a nissan frontier and love to explore everything !
  12. witchdoctor11

    Where do I start?

    Picked up a 2013 Nissan Frontier, signed up for this forum, and now I'm ready for some ideas for where to start! Thinking I'm going to get a camper shell and a bed air mattress to start with. Build from there. I enjoy hiking and camping, I don't have much experience off-roading but I know...