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  1. bshinn

    US Southeast Dometic CF50 Fridge/Freezer ****SOLD****

    I have a new Dometic CF50 that was included in a recent trailer purchase. I decided to upgrade to the CF65 and no longer have a use for this one. Never used other than to power it up to confirm it functions properly. Street price on these is $900ish, asking $550. Located in the Charlotte, NC
  2. TheGrrrrr

    Costway 54 Quart Fridge on SUAOKI G500

    I purchased and have used on 3 occasions the Costway 54 Quart Refrigerator/Freezer and have found it quite competent. Today I received my order for the SAUOKI G500 Power bank/Inverter from amazon and am testing it with the Fridge. The Fundamentals of the test: The G500 was charged fully...
  3. cerberus

    ARB Elements 63QT Fridge / Freezer

    Anyone have experience with the newer ARB Elements fridge/freezer? Looking for feedback good/bad on power consumption, durability, size (form factor), and comparisons to others in this size range. I know this is a newer model for them, but looking for some more info since there seems to be less...
  4. Traveling Together

    SnoMaster 66L Fridge/Freezer After a Year of Use

    We made a review video about our SnoMaster 66L fridge/freezer. I was getting some questions about it and figured a video was probably the best way for me to answer those questions since I am an awful writer. The short answer is YES we like it. I'm so glad my wife insisted on us upgrading from...