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  1. PeteCole

    Bears & Fridges

    I'm new to overlanding...and building out my rig. But I'm wondering how having a Dometic (or other) fridge is going to do with the potential for bears. Any one have any advice? Stories? I want to get a fridge, but not sure if I should just plan on keeping in the rear seat of my Dual Cab...
  2. Island Overlander

    Ice Pack In Fridge

    Just wondering if anyone ever puts a frozen ice pack in your 12 volt fridge. Having a block of frozen ice pack in the fridge may let the fridge cycle less is my thought.
  3. X

    US West Clearview Easy Slide Refrigerator slide and Dometic CFX50 refrigerator

    I am selling the following: Slide ES-150PLUS. Here are the dimensions for the fridge slide...
  4. Obi-Juan

    Anyone running a Blizzard Box Fridge/Freezer in their rig?

    The Costco sale advert shows a deal coming up soon on a 41QT Blizzard Box. I don't know anything about this brand so I figured I'd ask my fellow OB community members if they have any experience with these. Here is a link to the Costco product page that shows the current price as $699.... It...
  5. Rover 4

    FOR SALE For Sale: ARB 50qt Fridge Freezer $500 OBO Model 10800472

    Used ARB 50qt for sale, Canton OH area. About 50 hrs on the compressor. Both 120v and 12v plugs.
  6. yak51

    Engel Fridge/Freezers Summer Sale !

    I just received the notification of the summer sale today. Hope this helps. Tim
  7. V

    US Southwest For Sale - California (San Diego) - 4runner 4th Gen Custom storage system with Fridge/Freezer, $2850 - Local Pick Up

    Hello Overland Bound Community, I'm selling my custom storage system with Fridge/Freezer. This is a very well built system bolted down to the 4 bolt connections of the trunk area of a 4th Generation Toyota 4runner. It is solid and fully tested on a road trip to the Canadian Artic Ocean via the...
  8. Pick Teej

    Fridge Freezer Question

    Considering picking this up.. its stated to pull 50watts, meaning 4.17 Ah.. Could I get by for a week at Assateague Island with only my main battery? cant quite afford a dual battery setup yet. I do have a 50watt solar panel so i could use that when the jeep isnt running. but i would run the...
  9. cerberus

    ARB Elements 63QT Fridge / Freezer

    Anyone have experience with the newer ARB Elements fridge/freezer? Looking for feedback good/bad on power consumption, durability, size (form factor), and comparisons to others in this size range. I know this is a newer model for them, but looking for some more info since there seems to be less...
  10. fjk

    Dometic CFX 40 quick review

    @DometicOutdoors So far I've only used it on a couple small trips. Here's how I had it (temporarily) installed last time I was out: I plan on installing it on the slider at the rear on the interior platform I'm in the middle of designing. I'll be sure to post photos once that's done...
  11. Traveling Together

    SnoMaster 66L Fridge/Freezer After a Year of Use

    We made a review video about our SnoMaster 66L fridge/freezer. I was getting some questions about it and figured a video was probably the best way for me to answer those questions since I am an awful writer. The short answer is YES we like it. I'm so glad my wife insisted on us upgrading from...