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  1. magnusbornes

    Idea: "Save as a Draft" feature when posting a new thread.

    Hi, dev team! I wrote a quite long post the other day about my trip to Helgelandskysten, Norway last year. I missed a "Save as a draft" function so that I could write the post little by little. I was quite nervous as well, that I potentially would lose my post caused if my internet went down, I...
  2. Hank Outdoors

    Thank You East Region!!!

    First off I want to thank everyone for being patient with us while the OB website is going thru its transition and is having some growing pains. We are aware of most of the issues at this point thanks to those of you that have messaged me/other staff with bugs/issues you have found, it has...
  3. Leclerc.27

    Mandatory State (or Region) for Threads/Posts

    I think it'd be helpful to require that a state (if U.S.) or region/geographic identifier in all titles/posts/threads. The reason being is that it would allow people to quickly dial into the applicable reading. If that's in place, then a filter could be used somewhere down the line to really...
  4. Boort

    Feature request: Rally point forums divided by Region

    @Michael, @Steve & the OB team Would it be possible to split the Rally point forums by Rally point regions? This way we could subscribe to the regional forum and be notified of events in the area. Currently we either need to check Rally point every so often, or subscribe to the main Rally...
  5. Hank Outdoors

    Overland - For Sale Items - Regional

    Is there any way to sort the "For Sale" threads by region? For example....Is there a way I can search for rigs for sale in the East region? Thanks in advance, Sean Hank Haney
  6. RichieFromBoston

    A bit Dissapointing

    To be perfectly honest, this whole membership has been prety dissapointing. Thers no actual runs, theres very little feedback if at all. any meetups are cancelled and are usually only for a beer and to look at others vehicles. Where are the people that build it, fix it, and overland and OFF ROAD...
  7. Boort

    Automatic Photo Collector?

    Do the forums here have any type of photo gallery mode? I see the random 3 pics at the top near the OB logo, but is there a way to see latest photos that have been posted across the various sections? Just looking for another way to find interesting posts that I may otherwise miss. Boort
  8. Michael

    How are you liking these forums?

    Hi all! We've had these forums up for a little while now and I thought I'd check in and see how you like the features and options. What about usability? Is there anything that really bugs you that we might be able to change? Features on other forums you like and we don't have? Wish list...