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  1. NomadEffect

    Switched our Ford Escape for a FJ62 LandCruiser

    Hey All, I've been a massive observer of these forums for a while now and I feel the need to contribute some more. Last year we built out a little 2005 Ford Escape with the works and took it on a few month trip across the USA. We even installed OME suspension. We loved that experience so...
  2. pheonix75

    New member in the OC, SoCal

    Got my badge and had to get out and use it last weekend. Adventures along the old 395. I have had my 88 FJ62 for almost a year and am having a blast adventuring in it. Loving the rooftop tent...planning on a drawer system with a fridge.
  3. youpers

    1984 FJ60 Land Cruiser (Lurch n Ol Faithful)

    Hi all, I’m Lurch, a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser, and Ol Faithfull is a trailer made out of used and forgotten stuff Anthony had lying around or found. Like most things that are meant to be, it took time for Anthony and me to come together. I first met Anthony about 20 years ago, when he was in...
  4. Ian Norris

    Axel Seal issue

    Hi everyone, New to the OB community with a recently purchased 1990 FJ62. I have a front axel seal thats leaking oil/lubricant and my local Toyota repair guy has no idea how to obtain the parts for a repair or how to repair it. Can anyone here in the thread help me with this? I am looking...
  5. Ian Norris

    New Overlander in Edmond, Oklahoma

    Hi everyone. I am new to the Overland scene with the recent purchase of an 1990 FJ62 Land Cruiser. Do we have any local groups that connect regularly? I have searched on Facebook but I can't find a group specific to Oklahoma and it would be great to connect with some people locally to learn...