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  1. D

    US Midwest Midwest Overland Fest 2020

    The first annual Midwest Overland Fest will kick off August 21-23 for a wholesome three-day combination of trade show, caravan, music, drink, food and county fair. We almost lost the whole year, but America is in the mood to make up for lost time. We aim to bury the lockdown once and for all! We...
  2. ASRussell

    Bantam Jeep Fest

    Just curious if any OB members are going to make it to the Bantam Jeep Festival in Pennsylvania June 8 - 10. This festival is a pretty big deal for jeep owners since that is where the Jeep was born. I hope to see some OB members out there. If you see me in my mostly stock detonator yellow...
  3. MA_Trooper

    Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival 2017

    Hellooooooooooo Region East! Some of you have heard of Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival (MAOF) and I think a lot of you have not. Check out the event here - http://www.overlandfestival.com/. Also, take a look at the schedule for 2016 below. Looks like some great stuff happened. Can't wait to see...