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  1. Inspiration overland

    Milestar Patagonia MTs

    I figured I'd give a quick tire review after 6 months with the Milestar Patagonia MTs. I have them on my 99 Explorer and have put about 6,000+ miles on them. Still exceptionally quiet on the highway. They are 33-12.50x15s on 8 inch steelies. They have really good sidewall flex and with the SWB...
  2. archee29

    Ford chirping the 4Runner?

    I came across a video that someone posted on the /r/4Runner sub-reddit. It's a video from the Ford YouTube channel of their comparison of the '17 Explorer vs '17 4Runner. As a proud owner of a '10 T4R, I was intrigued by what the Ford's arguing points would be for the Explorer. The answer...
  3. Gregory Youngblood

    Greetings from New Mexico

    I'm finally getting around to joining the forums and getting this set up. I am located in Alamogordo, NM, commonly referred to as just Alamo. This is near White Sands and a little over an hour from Las Cruces. Overlanding started out as something my daughter and I could do to get out and enjoy...