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  1. EscoTerrestrial

    US East CT. Meet & Greet.

    The meet will kick off at the Machinery Museum on RT. 7 in Kent @ 11:00 am. After a few hellos, and everyone getting situated the group will head out at 11:30 am. The group will then head towards the top of Mohawk Mt. (1- 1.1/2 hrs drive) Information that has been supplied by members includes...
  2. P

    US East Off-Road and Overland Meet & Greet (BBQ and Beer)

    Rally Point Location will be at Glasstown Brewing Company in the Millville Airport in Millville, NJ starting at 2pm- close. Several local jeep clubs and the local Overland groups have been invited to participate. We encourage anyone to come out, please bring your off-road/overland rig and...
  3. Nomadik Nova

    US East Fort Vally, VA Forest Roads & PMR

    Who's up for some forest roads in the Fort Valley, VA area and maybe hitting Peter's Mill Run this weekend?!?!?!?! There are a couple who may be dispersed camping along the forest roads Friday evening, but looking to meetup at the Fort Valley Country Store at 10:00am on Saturday to run some...