dispersed camping

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  1. DharmaBum

    US Southwest Winter Road trip: TX to CA

    Helping a family member move to TX at the end of January. After which I will be driving back home from Houston to California. I wanted to take some time (6-7 days) to explore western TX, southern NM & AZ. I was thinking Big Bend Desert, White Sands NP, & I can't quite figure out AZ/ (Maybe...
  2. BruisertheLand Cruiser

    Hurricane Creek Trail Meet Up

    We are having a little meet up to do Hurricane Creek Trail in the Pisgah National Forest, NC. Heading to beautiful Max Patch afterwards and then finding camp. Anyone is welcome to join us.
  3. AlexAtWagan

    Basecamp workflow

    The last weekend down in Big Sur, we had a great time with 27 rigs. It was really cool seeing how everyone set up camp, from basic set-ups to fully rigged out rigs! Coming from a background of tent/car camping (and in a previous life backpacking), the workflow, I found, is very different than...
  4. sagebrusher_seth

    Olympic Peninsula Fly fishing

    Hey ya'll, I'll be heading out for a quick two day fly fishing/overland trip this Monday (Memorial day). Any members have secret honey holes/routes they'd like to share? Company more than welcome to join as well. Thanks in advance!
  5. Farmjeepwrangler

    US Southeast Silver River Canoe trip- Florida

    Dispersed camping ONF. Site to be determined. Camping Friday & Saturday Night, canoeing/Kayaking Saturday morning. Possible night ride.View Rally Point
  6. R

    Planning a trip to Uwharrie National Forest.

    I'm relatively new to NC and I'm looking to make my first trip out to Uwharrie National Forest. From what I gathered through researching there are plenty of areas that allow dispersed camping. I was looking at something close to Badin lake, Art Lilley caught my eye. My only concern is I want to...
  7. Jon Tyler

    Dispersed Camping in Missouri

    I am trying to find some good free camping here in Missouri. I used to live in Colorado so I dont know the good spots yet. Any ideas?
  8. Kyle & Kari Frink

    To Share or Not to Share (Dispersed Camping)

    Here is an example from our experience related to this topic before posing the actual questions. If you are not one for reading please just skip to the Underlined Questions. When we lived in state of Washington, we had found an absolutely epic dispersed campsite on a Plateau just a 10 minute...
  9. Kyle & Kari Frink

    Campsite Preferences

    Which suits your fancy, and your reasons why? Dispersed Camping RTT vs. Traditional Ground Tent Established Campground National Park vs. National Forest State Park vs. County/City Campgrounds Group Camping(multiple rigs) or Solo Camping(single rig)
  10. BogdanYZ

    How do you find places to camp?

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to the community, but just bought my 98 4Runner and I want to take it out for some dispersed camping. I've been trying to figure out how to find places to camp near Point Reyes, CA but can't find any information on places to camp without a permit that aren't at a...
  11. Red Beard

    Best places for BLM dispersed camping in CO,UT, NV & NM

    like the title says what and where are your favorite places in the states listed in the title for remote dispersed camping. ....And go!!! Pictures and coordinates are a plus....