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  1. Dave Purvis

    Meet & Greet Nov 6th in Elizabeth, CO

    Come join local OB members for a meet and greet and cookout on November 6th. Will be hosting at my shop in Elizabeth (SE of Denver). All are welcome, we'll have some food and beverages, and good times! Your welcome to use the shop if you have work to do, just PM me so we can plan accordingly...
  2. Fortis Overland

    US Rocky Mountain OB Colorado Springs Monthly Meetup & Trail Ride

    All, @JDGreens will be running the show this trail ride. The team will meet at the McDonald's in Woodland Park at 0900 and will plan on leaving towards Rampart Range and Schubarth Trail at 0930. For those of you wanting to camp, @JDGreens and several others will be camping overnight into Sunday...
  3. WellFuch

    First Snow Switzerland Trail - 10/14/2018

    Hey guys, getting new tires today and figured why not go check out the fresh snow! View Rally Point Details
  4. Hourless Life

    Fulltime Travelers in the Denver Area Until October 20

    Hi OB friends, Just wanted to introduce ourselves really quick to the region. We're fulltime travelers who have been on the road for 5 years. We'll be in the Denver / Littleton / Golden area of Colorado from tomorrow until October 20th. Please do let us know of any OB meetups, gathering...
  5. GoXplor

    New Member From Denver CO

    Hi just joined the OB and obtained a forum. Learning the ropes. Just finished a 4200 miles return trip from Denver to CA/OR running the Hwy 101 Posting a few sample pictures
  6. PenmanPhoto

    Vehicle Rentals in Colorado

    So my trip has changed. Instead of road tripping to Estes Park/Denver area... I will be flying. With that being said. So far I have called a few car rental places and was told we can not guarantee the actual vehicle...just that it will have 4x4 or all wheel drive. Can anyone suggest a better...
  7. PenmanPhoto

    Maryland to Denver/Estes Park CO

    Hey all! I am planning a trip from Southern Maryland to Denver/Estes Park CO. Does anyone have any suggestions for National Parks, scenic spots, trails, general "must-see" spots? It is greatly appreciated! Thank you! -PenmanPhoto
  8. PenmanPhoto

    Estes Park, CO

    Hey all! I'm taking a trip to CO and will be bouncing around between Estes Park and Denver. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am going for a wedding and figured...why not make it a trip. I am trying to do some rafting, hiking, and of course OverLanding! Unfortunately I won't be able to do...