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  1. 76_overlander

    Hello from the Pyrenees

    Hey all OB members, a little greeting from the french Pyrenees where we had a 3 days trip, mostly on vintage bikes. Note to myself : sleeping in the mountain by -6° when you only have a +10° sleeping bag is not clever, go buy some gear! :tonguewink: Being all alone on the roads, on the trails...
  2. C

    Hannibal Roof Top Tents in North America

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Hannibal tents in North America, particularly in wet/cold regions. I am in Canada so I deal with a lot of rain and snow. I have heard good things about the quality associated with Hannibal tents. However, since they were originally...
  3. Hank Outdoors

    Taking the Mrs.

    I have done what I can to make fair weather trips as comfortable as possible for my wife. Toilet, annex, heater, extra pillows and blankets. These are all great for bathroom, changing and bed times but, what have you all done to keep your better halves warmer and less irritable around camp as...
  4. killallninjas

    Weekend in the Talladega National Forest

    Our weekend plans for camping with a group in N. Georgia were sacked when some nasty weather scared off most. We decided to head toward the storm to change the timing of the weather a bit. We hunkered down to get through a pretty nasty storm which brought the nice cold weather with it, and we...
  5. Rexor91

    Jeep JKU Cold Air Intakes (makes/models/performace) worth it?

    Jeeples, I had a CAI on my 09 JKU with the 3.8L... it really made a world of difference in the throttle response alone, much less the maybe 1-2 mpg I might've gained. This question is solely in regards to the 3.6L with towing my trailer/camping gear/and RTT... as well as general throttle...