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  1. Jedi

    CO2 Cylinder Mounting Ideas

    I recently received a free 20lb CO2 cylinder with regulator to use for airing up. But now I need to find a place to mount it in my JKU. So, for those of you running CO2, where do you mount the cylinders?
  2. HeliSniper

    OB Approved Using CO2 on the Trail

    Just wanted to clear some things up here. Air, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Helium, etc are normally stored in high pressure gas form (yes, I know there are exceptions but not that equate to traveling/Overlanding). Where as CO2 is normally stored as a liquid that vaporizes in the cylinder. This is...
  3. BEAR

    SOLD Powertank Co2 tank Bay Area

    I’m selling my 20# Powertank Co2 with regulator and mounting bracket. The mounting bracket is two parts. The one it came with and a custom piece to mount it standing up. Located in Concord CA. I’m asking $300. Sorry no shipping but if you’re local I can meet somewhere. This can fill a lot of...
  4. 4xFar Adventures

    OB Approved CO2 vs. Air Compressors

    There area variety of reasons to upgrade to an OBA (On Board Air) setup in your rig. Maybe you've purchased bigger tires and the little $30 compressor from the auto parts store won't cut it any more. There's the option of running air tools, though that may also require an air tank. You're...