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  1. The mad aquarius

    FOR SALE For sale - nor cal - vintage-ish RTT $350

    Up for grabs, an older (don’t know the year) roof top tent by Air-Camping. I believe it’s Autohome now. In good shape, no tears a few dirty spots but otherwise in really good shape. An all canvas tent that would make the perfect addition to an older rig for the classic set-up. Half the ladder is...
  2. vagabondexpedition

    1930 Nash Sedan

    I've got some additional photos, a video and some interesting reading coming up on this beautiful 1930's "unrestored" Nash 450 Sedan, so stay tuned! Can you spot all the "overlanding" gear?
  3. Laughing Otter

    Cool article on the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser...

    I saw this article on Gear Patrol this morning, not sure if any else has shared it, but here it is...