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  1. LVCoffeeguy

    DIY-Low Cost Swing Down Hitch Mount Spare Tire Rack

    Well, that seems to be a mouthful but I wanted to make sure that it would show up in the search bar for the next guy looking for an inexpensive way to mount your spare tire to your hitch. When I started this endeavor I had looked and looked for a quality hitch mount spare tire holder that...
  2. Hank Outdoors

    On A Budget: First Aid Kit

    After watching Jillian Rebekah's Tacoma walk-around I want a hard shell first aid kit like the one she has mounted to her truck cage. I started looking at threads and searching Amazon for first aid kits and hard shell cases. I found Pelican cases to be the ones that seemed sturdy enough to hold...
  3. SeguineJ

    Stirrin' the pot

    Alright, I love to create discussion and as I continue to find gear I like, well, I do the typical "me" thing. Where can I get it cheaper? Than I start to look at other options and wonder am I only looking into things because everyone is so brand heavy? Why pay 100-200 dollars when I find...
  4. Laughing Otter

    Home made Snorkel for under $100.00

    Hey all...this post is for anyone looking to get ideas for building their own Snorkel kit. Again, idea's only...what works on my rover may not work on your Toyota or Jeep or whatever you drive. Let me know if you have questions...A few of the items I already had in the shop...the rest I...