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  1. Matt L.

    My Son Earns His Ambassador Challenge Coin

    From March 28-31, 2019 my son and I drove the first half of the NMBDR (New Mexico Back Country Discovery Route), from Del City, TX to Reserve, NM. He helped me plan the trip, prep the truck and equipment, remove trash from the trail, cook meals, setup camp, navigate, drive, maintain the truck...
  2. 1000sAreSailing

    Went wheeling after last Saturday's PDX meetup...

    ...with an Overland Bound member who was kind enough to show me a few trails at Brown's Camp. He seemed to think I did okay and even gave me one of these! Thank you Dusty! What a great day!
  3. ce4460

    Our heroes dreams (

    The return home from Off the Grid 2016 took myself and Neil (@B Wild) north on the California's coast along Hwy 1. On this route we encountered a group of overlanders unlike most, if not all. A group of Veterans, two of which were amputees overlanding in 4-wheel drive wheel chairs, traveling...