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  1. Highmark Adventures

    Dual battery quick connection for running power and solar into a canopy?

    I finally got my half canopy installed on truck. My question is what do you guys/gals use for a water tight connection to run the main power and solar wires into your canopy . I would need it to be easily disconnected when I need to remove it. I was thinking Anderson connectors but curious to...
  2. ovrit

    2017 f150 canopy, topper. Help!

    looking to put a aluminum canopy/topper on the truck. The generic ones on the market are not quite what I want. I have found fab shops in the east and north.[+freight gets expensive] Like to buy local so I can have input and see what I am purchasing. So does any body know of a fab shop in...
  3. RichieFromBoston

    Australian Canopies and Trays for Tacomas in MERICA???

    Was at a rally in new hampshire and low and behold, Eric valdes from maineline overland rolls in with this.
  4. ce4460

    Yakima or ?

    Greetings. I'm a new member so this is my fist attempt to use forums. I have a 2011 Toyota Tacoma 2.7 regular cab. It has a fiberglass canopy upon which I'd like to mount a rack, ARB canopy (1250 I think), a light bar, and rear work lights. I was considering using a Yakima system to include...