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  1. No Known Boundaries

    2018 Toyota 4Runner Off Road Premium: 42K Miles, Colorado, $49.5K

    I’m selling my 2018 TRD Off Road Premium 4Runner (with KDSS) for $49,500. It has 42k miles on it. This truck was professionally built for overlanding, and has just about everything one could want for both on road comfort and off road expedition capability. Owned outright, clean title, single...
  2. John~SWNM

    Biohazard Bumper build project

    I have been trying to stay busy during the lockdown by finally getting around to building the rear bumper for my Tacoma that Ihave been acquiring parts & materials for for a while now. It's 4 weeks or so in (I have had to take a day or so off now and then for arthritis elevations) but it's...
  3. Sid

    Extra water mod for Jeeps

    Hey guys - delete if not allowed but I wanted to share my mod so others can benefit from it. I'm building my JKU over time for more and more overlanding trips. Everyone can use more water...wouldn't drink it unless I had a very good filter but can be used for all kinds of things! Here's the...
  4. JLangsdorf

    SOLD 2nd gen Tacoma Expedition One rear bumper -No. Nev

    This Expedition One rear bumper is coming off my 2012 Tacoma on Thursday 6/21. I am getting a new bumper with tire carrier from Relentless Fab in Reno. It is possible I can get the folks there to ship the bumper if I have a buyer by Thursday. Bumper includes PIAA lights. Current hitch is factory...
  5. Norcalbowhunter

    2nd gen. Tacoma Bumper Grill Guard - Auburn, CA

    I recently bought this truck and it happen to have this Westin bumper Grill on it. It cost $565 new and I'm selling it for $450 obo. I'm from Auburn California near Sacramento.
  6. J

    In need of Custom fabrication (Charlotte, NC)

    I just got a free NFab Bumper from someone and its a little beat up and I need someone who has a welder and all that fun stuff. I also want to add a winch mount and a center hoop to it. If anyone knows of anybody who does custom fabrication work or has a shop I could rent out around the...
  7. The Ocular Engineer

    The F150 Baja 1000 Chase / Overland Build

    This is how it all started. 2007 F150 XLT. I talked myself out of buying a Raptor because this truck was paid for and even after depreciating its value to zero and doing all the upgrades and modifications that planned, I would still be money ahead. At that time the list was relatively modest...
  8. Dave Decker

    FOR SALE New Mexico - JKU stock front & rear bumpers - $250 OBO - No Shipping

    For sale: Set of stock 2008 JKU front and rear bumpers in good condition. Includes all hardware. $250 OBO. Need some cash for more upgrades! No shipping, pick-up only, or local delivery in Albuquerque.
  9. Goose_W

    4th gen Ram 2500 winch bumpers

    I'm looking for a winch bumper for my 2500. There are quite a few out there, but not many with decent angles. I don't care for the old school looking ARB or Warn. Mercenary has a nice one, but I don't care for the look or price. Tough Country has them, but I don't care so much for them...
  10. Kai Tinkerer

    New Adventurer from Lehigh Valley, PA

    Hi Overland Bound. I am excited to join the community and look forward to go on adventures with friends and see this community grows. I locate in Lehigh Valley, PA. 2013 Toyota FJ Cruiser is my expedition rig. I am moderately experienced in 4 wheeling but still new to overlanding. I love...
  11. C

    FOR SALE 2014 FJ cruiser spare tire cover & OEM front bumper

    Spare tire cover from a 2014 FJ. Good condition. Some light scratch on the plastic one. Asking 80. I can send you photos if needed. FJ Cruiser OEM Front bumper Assembly. Good condition. Removed from 2014 Fj. No damage. Asking $175 Just one. It was the spare tire of a 2014 FJ cruiser. New...
  12. TheAdventurousMind

    My DIY rear tire/fuel carrier using stock bumper

    Many days and I finally finished my v1.0 of my rear carrier set up. I did this on my 4Runner, but it can apply to most any vehicle. I have many ask me about it, so I made a video! I still want to make some improvements, but that will be for v1.1 :sunglasses: Let me know what you think!
  13. gulfstreamchris

    Jeep Rubicon 10th Anniversary Bumpers

    My father just picked up a new 2017 Jeep Rubicon Hard Rock where it came with the Mopar 10th Anniversary Rubicon Bumpers. I've removed both the front and rear bumpers, skid plate and tow hooks where I've installed new ARB bumpers for him. All items noted work with any '07 to '17 Jeep...
  14. BAMsRAM

    04 RAM 2500

    Recently made what some would think is the ultimate overland sin...I sold my 4 runner. I know...Why? why would you do that? Well I decided I wanted some more power and more size to carry my toys. So I found this big boy. It has a ways to go but I've got the base and it'll build fast! I love...
  15. Luc

    Bumper Install Questions

    Hey all, I'm looking to get an arb deluxe bumper with the winch mount for my land cruiser. I just had a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find answers for online, maybe you guys can help me out. 1. First and foremost, this may be stupid, but it's one of those I want to be sure...
  16. ShawnR

    Bumpers and Winches

    I'm starting a thread to discuss and display how members on here have their rigs set up. Putting a winch on my rig was a priority for me. I want to be able to perform self recovery in the event that I become bogged down in the mud or in some other situation. Share your rig and gear info so...