Bumpers and Winches

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I'm starting a thread to discuss and display how members on here have their rigs set up. Putting a winch on my rig was a priority for me. I want to be able to perform self recovery in the event that I become bogged down in the mud or in some other situation. Share your rig and gear info so others may be inspired if they are in the beginning stages of building their rig, or in the market for a new bumper and/or winch.

07' Jeep Wrangler JKU
Bumper: Smittybilt SRC Gen2, cost $599.99
Winch: Smittybilt XRC 9.5 comp Gen2 synthetic line, waterproof, 9,500 lbs, cost $449.99

For the winch, I went with synthetic line for safety reasons primarily.
I chose the SRC Gen2 bumper because the winch sits low inside the bumper allowing decent air flow to the radiator. I didn't care for how many winch bumpers have the winch sitting up so high. Also makes it a bit harder to steal. Though this is considered a rock crawler bumper, I like the full width feature for greater protection. I'm not much of a rock crawler.

The D ring mounts are welded inside and out, and have an additional attachment point integrated into the design.

Another feature I like about this specific bumper is the original fog light provisions. Many bumpers don't accommodate for fog lights. Though since this picture was taken, I have added Cree LED off road lights to the bumper, I appreciate having my original fog lights as well. The original wiring harness worked for this bumper. Some bumpers may require additional wiring, depending on the location of the fog lights. And though not visible in this picture, there are several attachment points for additional lighting.

Overall I'm very happy with this set up. It has held up well so far and I've had no issues. Only time will tell, but so far, I give it five stars.
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