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  1. ovrlndr

    Biggest Equipment Failure, or Breakage While on a Trip // Did you fix it, and how?

    I have my own story, I might be putting it over in my build thread and then here... But I want to hear YOUR stories! What is the biggest equipment failure or breakage you've had while out on a trip? Where were you when it happened? Did you fix it on the spot or did you have to drive the rig out...
  2. Bandit

    Post your best "I am really stuck" photos here!

    Ok, so you like to go off the pavement but of course you NEVER get stuck right? lol :tearsofjoy: I think we have all gotten in a bit too deep before. So post your best photo of your rig when the recovery gear had to come out. See one of my recent ones below...
  3. Simon Wolfe

    Well Bugger!

    In my efforts to be a good Overlander and Land Rover owner I go out to do the preventive maintenance on Oliver. I pop the bonnet and do a visual inspection and start checking fluids. At this point I discover that the coolant is down fairly low. I top it off and then start it up and fiddle...
  4. 4xFar Adventures

    Best Trail Repairs

    What are some trail repairs you've seen or done to get back to civilization? *Split an empty can of beans. Wrap around exhaust leak. Secure with hose clamps. *Trailer hitch pin was the only thing wide and long enough to replace a missing radius arm bolt. *Use the handle of a shovel inside a...