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  1. Donegal Overlanding

    Our solution to BF Goodrich not using white lettering any more on their Mud Terrains.

    This is our first video showing anything from our very special project Land Rover, The Red Lady RELOADED. She is a Discovery 1 built on a Defender 130 chassis with a single cab conversion and an electrically lifting solid walled rear camper body. In this first video, we start from the ground...
  2. Natchez

    BFG KO2... C or E Rating?

    I am soon to be in the market for some A/T KO2s and wanted to know the forums opinions of going with the C or E range tire. They will be going on 2015 Silverado that rarely tows anything. Will the E range last longer? Unfortunately, for my moral, the truck is mostly street driven as well.
  3. NW Adventure & Overland

    Tires, what do you use on the trail?

    We are looking to get new tires for our rig and are looking at the BFG KO2's. What do you run and why?
  4. Sinjin Eberle achilles heel...

    Hey there, Recently joined, but a generally experienced overlander. Currently have a 2009 Tacoma, but have had other SUV's ranging from a 1977 International Scout (oh, how I wish I had kept it!), a 1998 Jeep Cherokee, and a Volvo XC90 (read...mistake.) I live in Durango, Colorado, but do lots...
  5. LuxuryOverland


    Trouble deciding....Toyo Tires has an awesome warranty and I've heard the tires last a LONG while... I've always used BFG tho, and love them personally... Keep it the same, or change it up?! Opinions?!
  6. [DO]Ron

    Which tire pressure on road?

    So, what tire pressure do you run on the road / tarmac / asphalt? As you might know I got my 120 about a month ago and with a 2 week holiday coming up with quite a few trips to be done I want to check my tire pressure to be sure I’m good to go. But what should it be? The manual says 2.0 bar...
  7. Preston Tiegs

    What is your Opinion? - BFG K02's or Duratracs

    Hey Team! A month ago, I purchased a 2005 4Runner, and now that I sold my previous vehicle, I'm upgrading tires. I'm comparing BFG K02's and Goodyear Duratracs. I've heard great things about both! In my size (265/75/R16) , the K02 only comes in an E Load rating, while the Duratrac comes in a C...
  8. seb

    Tire size from Imperial to Metric

    Hi Guys did a quick search on this but couldn't find much. I need to change the tires on the boss's 4x4 Land Rover Defender 110 Currently it has 35/12.5R17LT 's on there, but these are absolutely useless in the snow and the car is currently in the French Alps. I'm looking at the KO2's from BF...
  9. neatoneto

    BFG KM2 in the snow?

    Hey all, Looking to buy a set of BFG KM2 Mud Terrains for my 04 Tacoma early next year along with a lift kit. I live in the Northeast and it is my daily driver although I only put 8-10k miles/year. My question is have any of you had any success with the KM2's on your daily driver and/or in the...