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  1. Bilbo

    US Northwest June 2020 WABDR - Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

    ***Rally is delayed so we will modify this trip to exclude the Rally. Also adding more slots due to high level of interest. We will likely have a group that continues on to complete the whole BDR. Stay tuned for updates. *** We are exploring the first 3 sections of the Washington Backcountry...
  2. jdunk

    Oregon BDR 6/23 - 7/7

    So the planning is underway for next years big trip! We've decided that we're going to do sections of the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route. Starting in North East Oregon with Route 5 Section 4, continuing through Route 5 Sections 3 and 2. Then cutting West on Route...
  3. Gunnermoose

    New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route (NMBDR) 2016

    I plan to run the NMBDR from 3 - 10 September 2016. So far there is only one other vehicle coming. If there are any intrepid explorers out there that need a long run and would like to join, let me know. I have previously completed the AZBDR and UTBDR with @1Louder and we had fun and interesting...