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  1. Tom Cole

    BDR for Texas?

    Does anyone know if there is a BDR route for Texas from north to south or if one is in the works? And then part 2 is... if not, who is interested in helping me piece one together? As much dirt roads as possible from border to border.
  2. nmorpus

    Cancelled Washington BDR Overland Trip 2021

    First major overland trip of the year! We will be heading up the Washington BDR in June to either complete the route or get as far as we can. Because of the time-sensitivity of a long-range expedition, it is important that we get on the road on time. We will meet at Thunder Island Brewing Co. in...
  3. Bilbo

    US Northwest June 2020 WABDR - Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

    ***Rally is delayed so we will modify this trip to exclude the Rally. Also adding more slots due to high level of interest. We will likely have a group that continues on to complete the whole BDR. Stay tuned for updates. *** We are exploring the first 3 sections of the Washington Backcountry...
  4. jdunk

    Oregon BDR 6/23 - 7/7

    So the planning is underway for next years big trip! We've decided that we're going to do sections of the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route. Starting in North East Oregon with Route 5 Section 4, continuing through Route 5 Sections 3 and 2. Then cutting West on Route...
  5. Gunnermoose

    New Mexico Backcountry Discovery Route (NMBDR) 2016

    I plan to run the NMBDR from 3 - 10 September 2016. So far there is only one other vehicle coming. If there are any intrepid explorers out there that need a long run and would like to join, let me know. I have previously completed the AZBDR and UTBDR with @1Louder and we had fun and interesting...