baja california

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  1. sipaez

    Baja California Off road Insurance?

    Hey everyone! I'm going down to Baja for Thanksgiving and I was hoping to go off road to go camping and exploring. I know I need insurance for my truck, but do people get any insurance, or is there any company in particular that would give you more coverage if you are off the main roads?
  2. BogdanYZ

    Roadtrip to the Baja 500

    Hey everyone, Some friends and I are planning a trip to Baja to watch the 50th anniversary of the Baja 500. I wanted to see if anyone here would be interested in joining or meeting up down in Baja? We'll be leaving Thursday May 31st from San Francisco. Baja 500 is from June 1-3 Race day is June...
  3. Brazuca

    Exploring Baja California

    Hola amigos! Following DezertRat's suggestion at Recent trip info for Baja I've decided to start this thread where we will try to share with you guys some information we will be gathering about Baja California during the next days on road conditions, possible places to visit, etc. We've...
  4. TravelingTuttles

    *** *** ***Part needed in Baja!!!*** *** ***

    Hello fellow overlanders! We are currently limping our way back up the Baja peninsula in desperate need of a clutch master cylinder for our Pinzgauer. We know WHERE and HOW to get one, but it's mighty expensive to ship it to Mexico. We figured before we fork out the cash for international...