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  1. OverlandingDev

    New member checking in | Austin, TX area

    Hi all, new member here. I got back from my first trip last night and just got my badge today. Happy to be here, ready to get back out again, and looking forward to attending some events. Adding a picture of my rig, so say hello if you see me around.
  2. Mister Pipps

    New Into Overlanding From Austin, TX

    Hello, I grew up doing the typical summer family camping trip to national parks and the like as well as fall hunting/camping trips with my dad. I've always had a fascination with gearing up vehicles and going on adventures, but I've never had the chance to outfit my own vehicle until now...
  3. BaseballandMusic

    Austin, TX!

    Hello! Excited to be a member of this fine group. I don't know if I can say I'm even NEW yet to overlanding as that would suggest I've done some of it. I purchased my 2015 Toyota TRD Pro a little over a year ago and I am anxious to get out into the wild and inject some adventure into my life...
  4. TheBelafonte

    Looking for an easy trail or two on my route

    Hi there! I'm Richard, brand new to the OB community and happy to be here. I was hoping someone might have some input on a trip of mine coming up in October. My fiancé and I are packing up and moving to Colorado from Philadelphia mid October. Our route will be down through Nashville > New...
  5. MA_Trooper

    Texas Hill Country (My Farewell Tour)

    I haven't driven the Texas Hill Country from Junction to Llano in ages and I want to run those soft roads one last time before I'm brought back up to the east coast. It's a good weekend run. I'm thinking beginning of May would be good. Who want's in? Let's make this happen.