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  1. Socal R50

    Trail Map

    Hello, I've been looking for a good trail map that is free while allowing downloads. Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. Rockwilder

    Navigation - Pro's and Con's of the different systems/Apps

    Hi everybody, In almost every tread here, people talk about navigation and especially wich navigation app they use. Currently I'am searching for the best way to organise my navigation, on- and off-road. I thought it would be a good idea to open a special tread just for that topic. It would be...
  3. Tim

    OB Talk App version 5.4.12

    Hi All, I've started to have a few issues with the latest version of the OB Talk App this week. It looks like the previous posts here apply to the old app so I've started a new one (please feel free to merge if that is appropriate). I'm on iOS so not sure if the issue is unique. Firstly the app...
  4. BEAR

    North America Hema App

    Hema Maps just launched its app for North America! with their app you get access 4x4 or overland routes. you can track your GPS location in real time using offline maps. you can save a log of your trip with track recordings, geotagged photos, waypoints and trip notes. you can even back up all...