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  1. PicNick

    The Ultimate Infotainment System

    Vehicle: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (WK2) Current Setup: Uconnect 5.0 RA2 Stock Head Unit, Phone mounted to the left of screen for on-road navigation, Samsung Tab S5E mounted to the right for Off-road navigation My Jeep radio just pulled a Jeep and stopped working in hot weather! Looking...
  2. MazeVX

    Jscan app for jeep owners

    Hello, so there is a great app for many jeeps, it's an android app but as far as I know ios version is work in progress. I use this app by myself for a while now and had some contact with the programmer working out some beta issues. Mostly it's doing the same or more as aev procal or superchips...
  3. BeastModeABM

    Affordable Jeep Stereo

    FYI fellow Jeepers. After tons of research I went with an affordable option through a Chinese company. I'm very happy with my decision. 10.1 inch screen with Android OS for only $400. YOU CAN'T BEAT IT!
  4. nparker72

    Android GPS Radio headunit

    Hey fellow overlanders OB3153 checking in. Been looking at upgrading my stock radio in my '05 ford f150 with a double din Android radio with GPS in it. (using for on and off road navigation) Reason I am looking at Android head units is because... 1. Can use android apps like GAIA for...
  5. Pippinized

    mobile device apps that assist

    Any suggestions for ideas about phone or tablet apps that can help us out? Suggestion 1 Glympse is a phone app that will send a live-ish signal of how to track a phone for up to 4 hours. If you are heading out on the trail, you can send a link that will track the cell signal...