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  1. BigFootAdventures

    USA to Africa

    It’s a long shot but I’m looking to share a 40’ shipping container with someone who is planning to ship their vehicle to Africa from the USA in the near future.
  2. El-Dracho

    Southern Africa - some years ago...

    Southern Africa years ago Today I went a bit through a hard drive and found a report I wrote mny many years ago about my trip through southern Africa long time ago and that I would like to share with you guys here. So lean back and I'll let my thoughts wander back more than a decade and take...
  3. D

    Gas/Diesel Availability

    Hi, I’ve been interested in Overlanding for a bit. I know in North America gas is the predominant go-to type of fuel, but I was wondering, is diesel or gas easier to find in Africa, Europe and Asia. I plan to tour around these continents, and I was wondering what type of fuel is easier to come...
  4. snorr

    A quiet new years in Die Hel, Gamkaskloof, South Africa

    2018 was an extremely busy year for us at Rolbos, we started dedicating even more time to our hobby and passion, Rolbos ZA, while at the same time both juggling our regular nine to five’s. With this in mind, we decided to make our new year’s celebration a quiet one, away from the hustle and...
  5. GertJantH

    Happy to be here and happy to share my experience

    Hi, My wife Sonja and me traveled southern and east Africa in our Milady Landy (look her up on Facebook or on our website) from July 2016 until January 2017. We had a fantastic adventure and will be happy to share our experiences with anyone having plans in this area. Sani Pass, South...