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  1. TrailT

    FOR SALE - Raleigh, NC - WALLS for Darche Eclipse 180 Awning - $265 - Will ship if paid by buyer

    I'm selling the Walls for the Darche Eclipse 180 Awning. The walls are like new, only used on one camping trip. We like the walls and they're a perfect fit to the Darche Eclipse 180 awning, but we find that we just don't take them often for our style of overlanding.
  2. SwampcatJeep

    FOR SALE NE Oklahoma - FR Slimline II Roof Rack Accessory Mounts - FREE SHIPPING TO USA

    These will fit any FR Slimline II rack. They're not specific to the Jeep model. I sold my rack with my Jeep about 4 months ago. Kept these accessories planning to get another Slimline for my new Jeep JLU, but FR won't have their new rack design out until next year sometime and I can't wait...