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  1. M


    Selling my 2017 Toyota 4Runner Off-Road Premium with KDSS. I am the second owner and have taken excellent care of the vehicle. I had plans to build into overland vehicle but am shifting priorities. Clean title in hand. 44k miles. Asking $42,000. Standard features: - Kinetic Dynamic Suspension...
  2. D

    5th Gen Ford Explorer - Potential Rig build

    Hi All, New to the OB group, but wanted to get some thoughts from the experts. I'd love to get into overlanding for a multitude of reasons, but unfortunatly I don't have a great rig or $$ to buy/build an extra one. However, I've thought more about working with the cards I was dealt and have a...
  3. Joey Anderson


    SOLD TODAY. Thx.
  4. Gary Bzzz

    Are there quality 270 degree Awnings that allow clearance for ........

    Does anyone know if there is a good 270 awning choice that will allow clearance for the rear hatch to open fully on a 2017 4Runner - it seems to me that the rear door would extend into the awning when open?
  5. archee29

    Oil Change on 5th Gen T4R

    Well, finally completed my first oil change on my '10 TE T4R. A little rocky at times, but I'll consider it a win lol. The skid plate re installation was tough, but still managed it. For those interested: Guide for 5th Gen T4Rs...
  6. B

    Rock Sliders for 2015 4Runner with KDSS Under $500?

    I'm having trouble trying to find affordable rock sliders for my 2015 4Runner Trail with KDSS suspension. Does anyone have any advice? I've been looking around for about a month now and haven't had much luck. Trying to stay below $500
  7. B

    2015 4Runner Trail Premium Mods?

    Anyone who owns a 5th Gen 4Runner that can suggest what mods I should start with? I have a Trail Premium with then KDSS suspension and I'd like to lift it a couple of inches, add tires and wheels. What have you done to your 5th Gen? Photos would be great!
  8. J

    Jonovision's 5th gen Backcountry Assault Vehicle

    2012 Toyota 4Runner SR5 w/ Upgrade Package (Canada) delivery day, july '12... and it didn't take long to for things to go sharply downhill from there. As it sits today (Nov/16)... mods to date... suspension front Total Chaos UCA's -poly bushings Total Chaos LCA's - stock length, dual shock...