3rd gen

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  1. dfpgreg714

    For Sale-Solar Camper Shell 3rd Gen Tacoma 2016-2021-Costa Mesa, CA $2250

    Photo Gallery Getting my 4WheelCamper soon so it's time to sell my current set up. $2,250, Costa Mesa, CA. Local Pick up. 6ft Camper shell (with Solar system) for 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2021) Purchased new in 2018. Added solar system (Details Below)to power my Fridge (Not for Sale) and camera...
  2. KA7USA

    SOLD Complete Tacoma Bed Camping System: ARE DCU Wedge cap/shell/topper, wooden sleep platform/cabinets/drawers/coffin cabinets

    Topper/Cap SOLD April 23,2020 - Sleeping Platform and Bedrug reposted in separate posts. OKLAHOMA - Midwest City, Oklahoma (South East suburb of Oklahoma City) Selling complete Tacoma bed camping outfit together or separate. Shipping: Not willing to ship large items. Am willing to travel up...
  3. JohnTYoung

    3rd Gen Tacoma ECU Reflash

    I love my Toyotas, but I have to admit that I was dealing with some buyer's remorse when I got my 2018 Tacoma. Long story short - my Taco was sluggish, had horrible gas pedal feel, and shifted like it was it's main job to see how many shifts per mile it could get in. To make matters worse I had...
  4. Jeeper_JP

    Our Canadian 3rd Gen Montero

    Well, we ditched the 2500HD in favour of something more fuel-efficient, comfortable and has a working 4-High. Didn't plan on it happening quite this quick to be honest, but seeing this on AutoTrader and a quick Google search for reviews, I figured I had to bump up the time frame... Works out...