100 series

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  1. L

    New to overlanding | Houston Texas | Land cruiser 1999

    Hello there dear Overland Bound community, I'm Leon extremely new to overlanding . Just got my 1999 Toyota land cruiser. (Stock suspension, tires 265/75/16) Got a inspection set up next week at the most recommend place in houston. After that I hope to get a "priority list" to understand...
  2. R

    New Member Novice

    My name is Ray. I was a Scoutmaster, so lots of camping experience - both car and some backpacking. Last 6 years have done some backpacking, mostly PCT and JMT, with some Utah and Oregon trips. I had a Jeep M38A1 in the 70's with a Chevy 283, but sold it after I got married. In 2004 bought a...
  3. Ddaks_

    SOLD SOLD- California LC- 1998 Toyota Landcruiser for $10,000 OBO

    Selling my 1998 Toyota Landcruiser for $10,000 California bought rig from the moment it left the factory, I'm the third owner Clean Title Engine: Stock 2UZ-FE 4.7L V8 that had the heads rebuilt 12k miles ago, coil packs are new Mileage: 284,400 miles Full time 4wd with 4H and 4L Stock center and...
  4. Ddaks_

    Starting my overland 100 series land cruiser build

    So after my rig's head cracked and caused some coolant and oil mixture, I fixed it and now it's been running great. A few months after fixing the engine here is a list of upgrades I recently did to the land cruiser. Suspension: King Shocks SPC upper control arms OME 2864 HD rear springs Slee...
  5. v_man

    Creating a tablet mount for 100 series Land Cruiser

    On my 1990 4runner, I just drilled a RAM base into the dash and called it good, no air bags to worry about and who care about putting holes in a dash that is already wrecked from 28 years of sun. I was pretty happy with this setup in my 90', and I still use it. But in our 2007 LX470 I...
  6. OverLand Austy

    FOR SALE Speski Cargo Barrier

    Hey Guys, I am selling my Speski Cargo Barrier for my 100 series. Only had it a year. My uncle totaled my rig. http://www.gamiviti.com/speski-cargo-barriers/ Asking $300 unfinished will powder coat if wanted for an additional cost TXT me for details - 310-529-0463 -Austin
  7. CTDiscovery

    Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series (Amazon) Build

    Hello all! Just picked up my 100 series. 111k miles on the clock. 03 plate. Shes a gem mechanically and a great base to start my build. Over the next weeks and months ill keep this updated with added toys! first few things: ARB bumper Patriot roof tent James Baroud roof tent (Discovery...