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  1. Usmcshepherd

    Tundra w/ Leer QX100 Shell & RRT Question

    Wow that’s great to hear...I had the Rhino Rack on my cap (2 bars) and I was thinking of adding a 3rd bar to spread load the weight. I’m looking at a Hollowing Moon 1.6 tent which is smaller than your Denali for sure. Well that’s great to hear the Leer shell is holding up so great...looks great...
  2. Usmcshepherd

    Tundra w/ Leer QX100 Shell & RRT Question

    Shane...thank you so much for your response...I was beginning to wonder if there was anyone out there with the same question! What size RTT do you all have on your shell? Also do you have it mounted to a rack or bars and if bars how many? Thanks again!
  3. Usmcshepherd

    Tundra w/ Leer QX100 Shell & RRT Question

    Hello, I'm new here but I hope I can get some help on a question that I have yet to find a clear answer on. My question is concerning weight from a RRT on these overlanding vehicles. I would like to put a RRT on my Leer QX100 which I have a Rhino Rack Cross Bars currently installed on...
  4. Usmcshepherd


    Hello all, I've been looking for more resources on this whole Overlanding topic and hope to learn a lot here. We live in Yuma, AZ but have lived all over the nation while I served these past 25 years in the Marine Corps. I have a 2016 Tundra TRD Pro with a Leer QX100 shell and Toyo Open...