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  1. Tupenny

    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    Niiiicce kit. Japanese whiskies are excellent. Their bourbons are getting tight also (Four Roses anyone?)
  2. Tupenny

    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    Check out Compass Box's Peat Monster. I'd say it's even smokier than Laphroaig
  3. Tupenny

    Trend Shift! From LED to Halogen: what say you?

    My response is echoing pretty much the same. I have the Mopar upgrade led headlamps for driving. However the color makes harsh contrast in dark wooded areas. I like softer halogen and yellow/amber lights for fog and trails because I can see so much more with less (?).
  4. Tupenny

    Trail Security

    It's worked well for us with Florida black bears. We keep horns on the ATV, deck and the garage. If we leave the garage door open it's guaranteed they get into the freezer and make a mess. One came into the kitchen one day from the garage door being left open, that was interesting. Had another...
  5. Tupenny

    Trail Security

    As far as preventing camp theft: there's usually always someone there. Like I'll take the kid and dog out to wander but my buddy and wife are relaxing at camp, etc. The few times we have all left for rafting or whatever, we'll put the most valuable items back in the vehicles and lock up. It...
  6. Tupenny

    Trail Security

    We have bears in our yard weekly due to living on federally protected wetlands. And all these years, the only defense we've needed is being aware of surroundings (they climb trees here) and an air horn. They even run from my wife's 20# puppy. There's been one occasion that a bear didn't turn...
  7. Tupenny

    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    And winner of the absolutely most unusual whiskey flavor: Jeptha Creed Bloody Butcher Corn bourbon. If you've never tried a whiskey made from bloody butcher corn, put that on your list.
  8. Tupenny

    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    Go to's from the heart of bourbon country...
  9. Tupenny

    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    For friends and (some) family...
  10. Tupenny

    Camping Whisk(e)y?

    I'm big into the Islay peats. If you like smoke, check out Brookladiach Octomore series as well as Compass Box The Peat Monster. Laphroaig quarter cask is great and won't break the bank. Lagavulin 16 is my go to and I was super excited to score 2 bottles of the Offerman 11 year edition last...
  11. Tupenny

    Hitch cargo tray for Jeep Wranglers

    I used the versahitch 2" from quadratec and their table. My only experience was minimal (before I upgraded the rear bumper) but had no issues. Bonus: if your in FL, I'll...
  12. Tupenny

    Overland Florida

    REI is having there big summer sale if you want to grab some basics like a sleeping bag, chair, etc. That color blue is sharp!
  13. Tupenny

    Canyon 35 Qt. Cooler. USA. Made! $189.

    I spit out my coffee when I read this
  14. Tupenny

    Show Me Your Overland Cocktail Bar

    This is so much more than my cooler. I thought I was daily showing up with a bottle of lagavulin 16! Good job to all, thank you for the inspiration So who's the first to craft there armrest into a humidor?! I love to kill the day with a glass of something single barrel and either a maduro or...
  15. Tupenny

    Words of Wisdom - Personal Quotes

    "1st time: accidentally, 2nd time: coincidence 3rd time: act of war" - Dave