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  1. Trailman4057

    Sept 1st convoy to Table Rock - 09/01/2018

    10AM meet and greet at Cascade Parking lot. Then convoy up to table rock for a group photo. View Rally Point Details
  2. Trailman4057

    Sept 1st Table Rock Convoy - 09/01/2018

    Were meeting at casade parking lot at 10:00 am. For a meet and greet then we'll head up to table rock for an epic group photo! View Rally Point Details
  3. Trailman4057

    Whooo this weekend should be fun!

    Whooo this weekend should be fun!
  4. Trailman4057


    Hi all member 4057 here. My name is James i'm from north east Oregon. I drive a not so stock 1st gen explorer. Ive always loved camping and all things outdoors. When I found overlanding I had just lost my father and to be quite honest myself. it gave me something to keep my mind off of things...
  5. Trailman4057

    ...but it's a Subaru Outback?! Build thread.

    Nice thread. Ive always admired outbacks. Sent from my SM-S765C using OB Talk mobile app