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  1. terryg

    Tire Pressure

    In his book, Shifting into 4WD: The SUV Owner's 4WD Handbook, Harry Lewellyn instructs to lower the air pressure so the sidewall is 75% the height of the correct on-pavement air pressure. Then, record what that air pressure for future reference. I like this approach because it negates the effect...
  2. terryg

    COLORADO: Miner's Loop & More

    Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.
  3. terryg

    What mileage did you purchase your rig?

    I bought my 1998 Sportsmobile E250 in 2019 with 140,000 miles. It now has 155,000 miles and has held up great.
  4. terryg

    Tow Bar vehicle recovery is dangerous!

    This is what I have. Haven't had to use it, PTL.
  5. terryg

    Just introducing myself!

  6. terryg

    Coleman Oven - Stone or Griddle Heat Spreading Recommendations

    I use mine on a low(er) BTU butane stove. I didn't have any issue with burning with pizza and biscuits.
  7. terryg

    Coleman Oven

    BTW, I used my camp oven fir the first time a few weeks ago. It worked great. I used a temperature sensor the first time to get a feel for the right flame level. I can't wait to use it, again. Concerning some ovens getting too hot and burning things, my Coleman butane stove is only rated at...
  8. terryg

    Pillow Talk

    I use the Cocoon inflatable. It's the right size for me - can be inflated to the right size, fits nicely in the hood of my sleeping bag, so it doesn't move around, and packs nicely into my sleeping bag sack.
  9. terryg

    Coleman Oven

    I've heard this, too. My problem is, I can't find a tile anywhere. The folks at Lowe's and Home Depot (and the local fireplace store) don't know what I'm talking bout and I don't want to put a tile in there that will explode.
  10. terryg

    breckenridge CO ??

    The Enchanted Rockies Trail goes through Breckenridge. Also, check out TrailsOffroad.
  11. terryg

    Camp Photos!

    I remember camping on Tray Mountain during my AT hike. Beautiful place.
  12. terryg

    New Member!

    Welcome! You found the right place to learn.
  13. terryg

    Thanks for having me!

    It's a good group, indeed. Welcome!
  14. terryg

    Boston to Big Sky

    About a quarter mile south of the bridge across the Missouri, is an historic Lewis and Clark campsite. LOTS of history in South Dakota.