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  1. SlicedVeggie

    Next phase: Expedition Trailer

    I actually have all of the build sheets in my inbox! The Owner sent them to me. They have 3 kinds - the Ghost (small, RTT only, but ultralight alum), Outpost (big, RTT, large storage), XT (extended outpost with RTT or internal sleeping). I would attach them but the forum doesnt allow...
  2. SlicedVeggie

    Next phase: Expedition Trailer

    Super sweet! Dig the color!(I have a quicksand Taco) Check out I just got one and I really love what whey have done. Maybe you can get some ideas from them. They are built right here in Utah by a family owned business using all USA sourced gear/materials...
  3. SlicedVeggie

    My 416 and Bantam builds.

    Digging the fab work a ton. Are you a welder by trade? or is it something you picked up so you could do this sort of thing? Also, curious as to what tools you're doing the curved pipe cutting with - bandsaw and a grinder? torch? I've recently started to get into some metal work -...
  4. SlicedVeggie

    Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany

    I am STOKED to hear about your overlanding in Germany. My mid-term goal is to do a Porsche factory delivery in Stuttgart and do a few weeks of 'landing in Europe before getting the car shipped home! If that becomes real in the next few years, Im definitely going to hit you up so you can...
  5. SlicedVeggie

    Lurking for a while, its time to finally post.

    What up! Hello from another Newb!
  6. SlicedVeggie

    Konnichi wa from Utah!

    What up! Im a recent lurker turned member. I've recently been getting into the overlanding scene and figured I better register so I actually get to know some of the smartest people out there and talk first hand rather than agreeing or disagreeing with my monitor... Currently rocking a...
  7. SlicedVeggie

    How much led light is too much led lights?

    IMO - its too much when you start getting redundant. ie: if you have multiple lights doing the same job - you have too many!