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  1. Seabee126

    AWD rigs

    2.0 this is a nice 2" lift.
  2. Seabee126

    What about a virtual OB MidEurope meeting?

    Im looking foward to being there for the first time on Skype! Hopefully this time I'll remember the time difference lol
  3. Seabee126

    Oddball overlanding rigs!

    2014 Toyota Highlander
  4. Seabee126

    My Subaru Build: A Series of Compromises

    Awesome thread. Ill be tagging along as well now!
  5. Seabee126

    The Beast (Spaze's E250)

    Im going to love watching all that you do to this van! These van are prolly one of my favorite types of overlanding rigs. I hope that one day after my kids are moved out, my wife and I can do this and travel the country.
  6. Seabee126

    Covid overhaul - 2015 Tacoma - stuck at home, might as well get stuff done

    Dang man, looks awesome! Good luck with the covid
  7. Seabee126

    Nature Photos

    Wow, these photos are astonishing!
  8. Seabee126

    Toyota Badge of Honor Trails - Part II

    Dang, well im definitely on board. If theres anything i can do to help move this foward..
  9. Seabee126

    Toyota Badge of Honor Trails - Part II

    Whats up with this? Im really looking foward to the possibility of earning some badges on my Toyota!
  10. Seabee126

    VA Area Monthly RVA Meetup?

    Hopefully I'll be able to meet yall at the next Richmond meet. I located right next to Williamsburg.
  11. Seabee126

    OB Approved So You Want To Be A HAM? (US Edition)

    This is awesome. Thank you so much for posting this. I am getting into this now and im excited to utilize all the resources that you have provided!
  12. Seabee126

    Geocaching in the north east

    I geocache in VA. Even hid a few!
  13. Seabee126

    AWD rigs

    Oh fair enough. Nvm that idea then
  14. Seabee126

    AWD rigs

    I found a way to ease the lift conversation with my wife.. We needed new shocks anyway so i wanted to spend the money and get the good ones.. Ones that would last and replace a couple thing that looked like they were on their way out anyway. All of a sudden i had a 2" lift and new shocks!
  15. Seabee126

    AWD rigs

    Yeah buddy. Im trying to plan a camping trip soon that ill need some meaty tires for!