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  1. SCrunner

    Stock 2016 4runner tires

    I doubt anyone wants the stock tires around here, but I don't have any clue how much to sell them for, can you help? $150? $200? A bag of beans?
  2. SCrunner

    Corral Hollow + Slick Rock Jeep Trail

    Thank you for the prompt response. So i csnt even get to the river like in this video? What would it run me to get my vehicle ready to get me to that river? Last question, what is the wildlife like at both locations?
  3. SCrunner

    Any vegan overlanders out there?

    I love hearing that. We must do our part to preserve the lands we desire to explore!
  4. SCrunner

    Corral Hollow + Slick Rock Jeep Trail

    Hey I have a 2016 4runner with some K02s...will I make it to the river? Same question for Corral Hollow but for making it to the viewpoint? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help a noobie
  5. SCrunner

    Usal Rd noob questions!

    No im waiting for the weather to warm up haha
  6. SCrunner

    Hanging 3rd row cargo net for 4runner

    I have a 5th gen 4runner and this is the only one I can find (96-02) I assume Ill be alright but looking for opinions or better options. Thanks.
  7. SCrunner

    Camp Photos!

    How are you watching the game!!!
  8. SCrunner

    Some favorites from my summer tour.

    Brb going to Glenwood Canyon!
  9. SCrunner

    Some favorites from my summer tour.

    Amazing! Where is the waterfall located?
  10. SCrunner

    2014 4Runner (Mini Fridge) Build

    Wow! What a rad build, I am jealous. Could I poke your brain for a moment? Your rig looks very similar to how I want mine! (Or anyone else who knows) How has the Stingray front bumper treated you? Have you hit the original bumper at all? I plan to lift 2-3" and get 35s so I am thinking I should...
  11. SCrunner

    One last cry for help before I modify my vehicle (help?)

    I'm the worst at keeping things short so I'll try and keep it sweet... 5th gen 4runner I have a lot of modifications in mind but I'm curious if I'm on the right page, or if I'm missing anything I might need for these upgrades. Gobi stealth rack....can you place a rooftop tent anywhere on it? I...
  12. SCrunner

    Corral Hollow Day Trip 11/12/17 - 11/12/2017

    Does anyone know how soon we will be able to get out there this Spring? Would mid May be a fair assumption?
  13. SCrunner

    Where mah vegan overlanders at??

    Thank you for your kind words and help but I feel obligated to say this.. A plant based wouldn't be detrimental to the earth because we are already growing enough plants for 56 billion+ land animals. More than enough for the nearly 8 billion of us. To round this out, its more of a lifestyle than...
  14. SCrunner

    Where mah vegan overlanders at??

    Thank you bro! I didn't get any notifications after my March 12th comment, and I'm glad I didn't to be honest. Also thank you to everyone else. Not sure why people always want to argue veganism :)