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    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

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    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

    I also can't believe I didn't update my call sign info when I got a vanity. W6DMW now.
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    Yes the two are totally different allowances. The GMRS stuff is above the 70cm allotment in the ham license.
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    Ham Exams are now Online

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    US West Tri-Valley OB Corral Hollow OHV Trail.

    You’ll be great. I’ve run this several times in an almost stock 4Runnner. It’s a great route to get yourself comfortable with your rig. Plus running it with a group allows you to get pointers on the technical parts. Do it! (I would if I didn’t already have plans)
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    Summer months = exploring as much as possible, usually at the last moment with little planning...

    Summer months = exploring as much as possible, usually at the last moment with little planning. Love it!
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    HAM Radio Call Sign Check-In Thread

    I can’t believe I didn’t chime in previously: KN6IOB. Got it in March. It’s been great in the trails already. I wish I had gotten it long ago.
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    Ask About Gaia GPS!

    For me, when off-roading in the National Forests I go with MVUM, NatGeo Trails Illustrated, USFS Roads and Trails, and depending on the season the Snow Depth Map. I’ve found it is a nice mix for exploring. I would be interested in hearing what others use, great question!
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    ICOM IC-2730 Mobile Radio install \\ 2020 Toyota Tacoma

    That looks great! Thanks for the info.
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    New to Overland Bound - eager to explore

    Welcome! I’ve got a 4runner and love it. You should love it too. Quick easy mods include the rear differential breather relocation (helps with water crossing worries), headlights (check out xenondepot for some HID headlights not led) and tires. After that the world is your oyster!
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    Friday Night HAM Radio NET

    Shoot totally missed my first OB Net as a licensed ham. I heard the end of it, if no one talked about it (which I doubt) : there is a club in Alaska doing testing,. Their schedule is way out there now but that is how I got it done this week I contacted...
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    My first attempt at offroading... yikes

    Yup. We’ve all gone through the first scratches. My rule is “as long as there is a story”. You’ve got a story. Embrace it. Want less 4 letter words in your stories? Check out GOAT armor they make magnetic covers.
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    Travel con kiddos

    That sounds fair. I like it! Thanks for the input.
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    Alpha 0.8.48 Build Patch Notes

    iOS. I cannot scroll to the top of any thread. This thread or any others. If I scroll fast it just ends up right at the bottom after looking like it’s scrolling. If I scroll slowly it goes about 12 posts then rubber bands back to the bottom. Ps....We keep seeing notes about the map... you...
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    Travel con kiddos

    I don’t know where else to put this. Travel with kids: I was watching a YouTube video and they let their child use the iPad and wondered how much they allow the electronics. I begrudgingly let me kids bring the iPads and say you’ve got until I run out of cell signal or 45 minutes or whatever...