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    "Best" Subaru, new or old, for an overland build?

    Just lifted our 2010 last night. Even bone stock we did a 1400 mile 4 day trip with no issues. Between the 2/2.5” lift and bigger tires she is set up pretty well now for anything we can get to in the area. I love the OBs, had a 2001 manual until it ate a rod bearing. We’ve had this one for about...
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    HELP!! UP Michigan trip planning

    We were exploring about an hour northeast of Escanaba in September and ran into a DNR officer. I asked if there were any roads/trails we should stay off of, or avoid the ATV trails. He said if we can make it, and it's not a private driveway we were good to go. I think they are generally pretty...
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    Seriously a Bronco?

    There are no actual pics of the new Broncos out. There are some concept pics from older designs that keep getting posted as "leaked" Broncos. The "baby Bronco" has had one pic released, but that's a totally different vehicle, with no release date. The pic below is the only picture released of...
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    Overlanding and Preppers

    I don't have food stored, but learned how to acquire it by hunting and harvesting. Don't have room to grow anything at this point. I generally follow the philosophy that it's easier to carry knowledge than gear, so I educate myself on the important things, and how to get them. I do keep some...
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    Driving “off the road”

    I get what you are saying, and in some respects agree. I would say that I would help recover the vehicle however necessary, trying to stay on trail first, and moving off if needed. But it would be a teachable moment for the one who drove off trail (not going to do that again are you?). As Dock...
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    Overland challenge

    Seems like a good time. I just wish there was something like this closer to home.
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome from another Wisconsinner. I'm in Manitowoc. This place is a great resource for info. Shoot me a message if you're ever in my neck of the woods.
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    Seriously a Bronco?

    I've always loved first gen Broncos, but they all seem to be super expensive or clapped out by now. I've been thinking more about getting a full size Bronco for some heavier trails. We use an Outback for our adventures (and a daily), but I know it has limitations, and want to build a little more...
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    Best budget overland vehicle? - 2017 Subaru Outback 2.5i (build thread)

    Great post. Our adventure-mobile is a 2010 2.5i (also no fogs) that we had for a few years before deciding to off road it. Got KO2s last summer (found a deal for $325 for 4 with 11 miles on them) in a larger size on a set of used Subaru stock wheels from an Imprezza for $100. Picked up an ADF...
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    What piece of gear made the biggest improvement to your experience?

    So far the biggest thing I can think of is the roof top storage box (though I didn't technically pay for it, found on the curb) since it gave us the room to take all our camping gear with my wife, son, and I. Tires were a game changer, and I have a lift kit yet to be installed that I can't wait...
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    2019 Ford Ranger

    I'm really curious to get my hands on one. I've been following it since Ford released info on them. I've been working for Ford since June, and the anticipation is killing me. My dealership has a Lariat coming in sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. I'll try to do a hands on review once it's here...
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    Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail permits questions

    @eric evans As the president of the Friends group for a WI state forest I appreciate that! How did the trip go? We did it in June and had a great time. Will likely do it again in sections this summer as weekend trips.
  13. Ripley1046

    Subaru Owners Registry

    Also, my wife and I became moderators for MTN ROO WI recently. We will be at Fl4tfest in Madison, WI next weekend if anyone is in the area or is planning on coming. There is a car show, rally x and auto x. Mtn Roo also built an off road obstacle that anyone can run for $10. We have a whole...
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    Subaru Owners Registry

    Picked up a set of used wheels from an older Forester I think, not too sure. They were plastidipped black, I peeled that off and dipped them graphite sparkle as a color test. We'll be painting them next time they come off the car. Also got a set of 29" (235/70/16) BFG KO2s for a screaming deal...
  15. Ripley1046

    Bugs on the windshield.

    I've always waxed my windshield. Helps the water run off, and seems to make it easier to spray the bugs off. You do have to keep up with it though. At least with some spray on stuff once every month or two. I think I only have to get the paste wax out once every year or two. Good frameless...