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  1. renodemona

    Hello from Placer County, NorCal

    Welcome, just over the mountains from all of us up here in Reno!
  2. renodemona

    US West Reno Overlanding March 2021 Meeting

    Looking forward to it! Kids are cooking up some pizza :)
  3. renodemona

    Re-name The Jeep Cherokee And Grand Cherokee....

    Of all the things done to wrong and damage the native Americans over the centuries, I don't think having the name of one of their tribes used in good-intentioned and honorary taste is very high on the list. Could FCA or Stellaris give back to native communities, yeah, sure of course, but would...
  4. renodemona

    Advice needed for day trip in may @ TAHOE

    Tons of Trails in the area! Not all necessarily in the Tahoe Basin, but here are some: Jumbo Grade from Washoe Valley to Virginia City, great views at the top and some fun obstacles plus well traveled if you want to find new friends. Genoa Peak Trail, winds through the forest between Spooner...
  5. renodemona


    Not too terribly far from the Reno area too, welcome!
  6. renodemona

    What tire size are you running?

    33s on 3" of lift. Gets me where I need to be and not so awful on the road.
  7. renodemona

    M715 Adventure Rig

    Very nice!
  8. renodemona

    Rig Mileage

    10K is like a huge budget for me... Do you turn your own wrenches? Does it have to look fancy or are you ok with dents and scratches? How many people/how long are you wanting to go out exploring? What are you wanting to tow? If its just you and another person, you can get away with a TJ...
  9. renodemona

    Livin in Las Vegas

    Welcome! If you ever come up north we have lots of events going on!
  10. renodemona

    US West Reno Overlanding Recurring Meetings and Trail Runs Thread

    Has the recurring events page on the Rally Point been put up for the 2020 calendar? I couldn't find it.
  11. renodemona

    US West Reno Overlanding Recurring Meetings and Trail Runs Thread

    Is the January Meeting on the 8th?
  12. renodemona

    "An ending is just another beginning." Ryan Hart (owner) is a FSJ nut himself so good for advice and suggestions on stuff. You might get frustrated with how much money you can dump into a Wag when you can't work on things yourself. They are great vehicles to learn on, though I understand lack of...
  13. renodemona

    US West Reno Overlanding Recurring Meetings and Trail Runs Thread

    Hope everyone has a wonderful time! Unfortunately duty calls once again so I will miss it.
  14. renodemona

    New Member - Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Welcome from up north Nevada! Lots of awesome areas down there, enjoy them all! Cool rig I like the look and rack.
  15. renodemona

    Tunnel Camp Ghost Town, Seven Troughs Range, Nevada

    Yup easily my top 3 areas to explore!