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    1997 T100 Build

    Hmmmm good question, I did some of the work and handled all the powdercoating but all in all I would say it was around $3k roughly.
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    1997 T100 Build

    I 100% agree, as a joke I have a "One less tacoma" sticker on the rig. The people that notice it generally have something to say about it.
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    1997 T100 Build

    Just got out if Big Bend and holy moly thats an amazing park! Pics for attention! Heading to NM now to spend the rest of the month chasing hot springs!
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    Big Bend NP - Thanksgiving Weekend

    Hey dude, we also travel full time and are in Texas from today - 12/5 before we head into NM for the month of December. Would be rad if we crossed paths
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    1997 T100 Build

    No longer in the PNW, we now reside in the truck and are currently in the SE. My buddy Dustin at FloFab Freestyle welding did all the metal work, he is the absolute best and would recommend him to anyone. Additional rack shots:
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    1997 T100 Build

    Totally does! Love those old 'yotas almost as much as the T100's
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    Overlanders living in their rigs for extended periods of time?

    Me and the lady quit our normal Jobs in July and live full time in our Toyota T100. Been on the road for about 4 months now and have at least another year of travel planned. Food is easy, we just cook as we normally would. We carry a lot of dried goods and canned items and stop once a week at...
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    1997 T100 Build

    They are under appreciated and thats alright with me! A similar setup Tacoma (97/SR5) would have cost me easily 4x as much in the current Pacific Northwest inflation pricing. Super easy to work on albeit highly underpowered on the mountain passes.
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    1997 T100 Build

    Bumpin this almost dead build thread of mine Did a write up on my bed organization system over on my blog: Pics for attention
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    Weekend in the Talladega National Forest

    Hey dude, where abouts was this spot? We will be passing through the area I think in a few weeks.
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    Baja Mexico Dec 26th-30th 2017

    Puertocitos is a funny area, dont get excited about those hot springs because they are not great. We called them "hot wallow pits" as the sand filled back up around you immediately and you basically are laying in the tide while all the locals stare at you. Camp Beluga in Punta Final is rad...
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    Destined For Lateness

    Hey everyone! Been on the road for about 3.5 months now and am currently in coastal Georgia. I will put these questions up in sections as we get to them so the information is more current. Overall plan is Nov-FL to TX Dec - TX to NM Jan through May - NM to Baja May through ? - Who knows We...
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    Long Trip Tools.

    I always have some RTV in my kit, also a screw extractor set Two things that dont take up much space but are damn handy when needed
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    End of the Oregon Trail Meet Up- West Linn, OR

    Echoing others, I had a great time and it was nice to meet some people and pick their brains! B Wild, I meant to ask you how your paracord limb risers work but never saw you to ask.
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    What portable air are you using in your rig?

    I run the TJM compressor, small and stores easily. Only use it occasionally but happy with it every time.