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  1. NMBruce

    New Tuffstuff Alpha Thoughts...

    I received mine about two weeks ago, haven’t had a chance to use it yet. It seems well made, I have a hard time closing it all the way, but it gets there. I wonder about going down the toad, the side that opens seems not to seal really well, but only time and a rain storm will tell.
  2. NMBruce

    Paper maps? still a thing or no?

    I have had this for long time. A friend who spends a lot of time off the grid told me about and I know a few hikers who use it. Since I have had this for a while and it has worked perfectly for me, I haven’t looked into and I don’t know anything about the other stuff that people are using I...
  3. NMBruce

    Paper maps? still a thing or no?

    I use paper and electronics maps. When planning a trip I use GAIA on my laptop which transfers to my iPhone and iPad. I plan the route and then I also down load the areas around the route. After that I get out my paper maps and look at the route on them to be sure they are there. I carry the...
  4. NMBruce

    Sometimes I think we've gone too far.

    I think you’re good, going camping doesn’t mean not being comfortable, for me it’s getting away. I like my fridge/freezer and not needing to worry about ice for the cooler after days or miles, now ice is a ball frozen for drink. Water for me is still out of Jerry cans, the bathroom is a bag...
  5. NMBruce

    US East Running the Trans America Trail (TAT) from WV to the OR coast

    yes and plain aspirin can help if you want to use it. Altitude sickness will start around 9000 ft and above. if your above 10,000 ft for more than 30 minutes without added oxygen and you start getting a headache, you're starting to get sick. The no longer than 30 mins above 10,000 ft is an...
  6. NMBruce

    US East Running the Trans America Trail (TAT) from WV to the OR coast

    Working on getting ready. Dont know if I will be there, but trying.
  7. NMBruce

    water tank? Anyone using a rather large water tank on their DIY built trailer?

    I have been thinking of doing this to my trailer, as I start to redo the inside, thought it would be great to add in some water. I think i have a UP TO of 3’ wide by 5’ long and 3-5” high area I could use, but I want baffles to keep water from sloshing around. Haven’t found the tank I am...
  8. NMBruce

    What size refrigerator?

    I have a 7 year old ARB 50qt and it’s been great. On my Alaska trips I use that with a 65 qt Yeti and have everything we need for 3-4 people. I hate getting ice for the yeti on longer trips, it sits in the sun and on the trailer so the water build up moves around a lot and melts the ice quicker...
  9. NMBruce

    Overlanding Cigar Aficionados

    Always a smoke when out camping
  10. NMBruce

    Definition of Overlanding

    I overland to where I want to go and see the things I want to see
  11. NMBruce

    How heavy is your overlanding JKU?

    this will be interesting for me. I weight my truck and trailer without the camping storage box on it and the truck is stock, nothing really done to it. 2020 Tacoma TRD OffRoad 5240lbs. full tank and some little stuff in it. Trailer starting out is 480lbs, weighted it a few years ago, fully...
  12. NMBruce

    Do you really need heated seats and remote start?

    For heated seats are a must anymore. When I was 25 I landed on a tree stump during a skiing mishap, so there are times that my back hurts just from seating wrong, lifting stuff that day, not getting a good nights sleep. I do a lot of long trips and if my back starts hurting the heated seats...
  13. NMBruce

    Who carrys a firearm with them while camping?

    On my second trip through Canada going to to Alaska, I didn’t want the hassle of dealing with the Canadian boarder patrol, so I left my guns at home and that was my introduction to carried bear spray in case of an attack. I did a lot of reading and everyone had a can to carry with them. My...
  14. NMBruce

    Who carrys a firearm with them while camping?

    @M Rose is correct. My gun is a Glock 32 and shoot Sig357 or I should say a 357sig bullets, guess I could of been clearer about that.. The 357sig bullet was designed to replace the 357Mag to allow State Troopers to carry semi automatic hand guns. It has a very high velocity coming out of the...